Western Australia’s Future

I’ve watched with no small amount of fear & amusement & loathing the 2017 election here in Western Australia.

The outcome i think was inevitable the Liberal Barnett government was given a clear message that their arrogance & wanton waste of the states wealth after a huge mining boom as well as the loss of our credit rating as well as the callous disregard for the people of Western Australia’s need’s ,when your struggling to pay your bills & feed & clothe your children you don’t need another announcement that the government is going to spend millions of money we don’t have on yet another road project for the metro area.

The one thing that in my opinion is needed is the influence of the mining companies & large corporations in an election to be stopped, the advertising being run during the 2017 election was outrageous the misinformation & outright lies to try to stop Brendan Grylls increase in the Mining rental resource fee’s was just plain wrong.

Let us hope that The incoming Labor government can learn from the mistakes of the Barnett government,let us hope they see beyond the fast mining dollar & build a strong future for WA. 


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